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So you’re EV curious. Now what?

by Liam Condon

Electric vehicles are no longer just luxury items. There is still significant progress to be made in improving the capacity and efficiency of EV batteries, but going electric can already save you money, help fight climate change, and provide a reliable, fun driving experience. Here is a list of some of the best EV’s on the market at each price range, and for each kind of driver.

Please Note:

These prices are all variable, and none take into account the $7,500 federal rebate or $2,000 NYS rebate for purchasing a new electric vehicle, or the credits available through the Inflation Reduction Act. Buying and owning an EV (including the $1,000+ per year saved on fuel and maintenance) will likely end up significantly over $10,000 cheaper than it appears from the initial listed price. There are also 

Also, we are NOT being paid to promote specific models or brands –– suggestions are based off of Bedford 2030 research into current pricing and vehicle capabilities. Sources are primarily automaker websites, along with car review sites such as Edmunds, Car of the Year, and Car and Driver.

Available at the Mt Kisco Chevy 175 N Bedford Rd, Mt Kisco

Image from edmunds.com

Starting Price: $31,500 

Range: 259 mi

$ per mile range: $121.6

Why should I buy it? The biggest obstacles for EV’s to overcome are range and affordability. The Chevy Bolt provides the best combination of range and price. For those looking for a smooth transition to owning an electric car, this is the best option.

What’s the catch? This car doesn’t have the highest range possible, isn’t the cheapest on the market, and won’t fulfill your eight-year-old self’s racecar driver dreams, but it gets the job done, is pretty fun to drive, and won’t break the bank.

Cheapest EV: Nissan Leaf

Image from caranddriver.com

Starting Price: $27,800 ($37,400 for upgrade)

Range: 149 mi (226 w/upgrade)

$ per mile range: $186.5


Why should I buy it? At $27,400, the Nissan Leaf is remarkably affordable –– measuring just over half of the average price for a car in 2022! 

What’s the catch? With 149 miles of range, long trips in the Leaf will be difficult, so I would recommend this car most strongly to people who primarily use their car on their daily commute, or on relatively short day trips.

Most Utility/ Best truck: Ford F-150 Lightning

Available at the Colonial Ford 519 N Bedford Rd, Bedford Hills

Image from Caranddriver.com

Starting Price: $39,947

Range: 230 mi

$ per mile range: $173.7


Why should I buy it? While remaining a reasonable price and sporting an impressive range for a truck, the F-150 can also serve as a battery for power tools on the job, and can even serve as a backup generator for your house for 3-10 days! There are a number of other useful features of the truck that make it an appealing choice.

The F-150 Lightning stands head-over-heels above its competitors in terms of what it offers for its price, but the closest behind (and only currently available model) is the Rivian R1T, starting at $67,000. Here is an article that goes over all the EV truck options on the market. 

What’s the catch? The size is just about the only aspect of this car that I can see turning people away. Currently the biggest hurdle is that the truck is so popular that it’s hard to get your hands on one. 

Honorable Mentions

Image from JDpower.com

Tesla Model 3

Starting Price: $46,990 

Range: 272 mi

$ per mile range: 173


Why Should I buy it? Although on the higher end of the price range, the Model 3 has a few key factors making it one of the most appealing options on the market. Besdides the 272 mile range, there is an option to upgrade to a 358 mile long range battery for about $10,000 more. Also importantly, the Tesla brand granted access to the 30,000 Tesla chargers currently operational in the U.S. (other brands face limitations when trying to access these chargers). 

What’s the catch? Mainly the price. Teslas are no longer eligible for the federal $7,500 rebate, so this becomes an even more expensive option than it appears. I will also mention that although mainly an upside, the heavy reliance on high tech features like the Tesla App to operate many of the vehicle’s features can lead to frustrating moments when the technology fails, and drivers are left unsure about how to manually control aspects of the vehicle.

Image from kbb.com

Kia EV6

Starting Price: $40,100

Range: 232 mi

$ per mile range: 176 (152 with upgrade)


Why should I buy it? The EV6 stands well positioned in between the luxury and budget options, providing the best of both worlds. For somebody looking to get a slightly sportier car with a nicer drive, additional features, and a sleek design, without breaking the bank –– this is the option for you. 

What’s the catch? Similarly to the Tesla model 3, this made the honorable mention list because although not at the top of any particular metric, the vehicle is well rounded, and put at a decent price-point for what you get out of it. The Hyundai INONQ 5 may make more sense for some, as it is an almost identical car with slightly better driver visibility, and a lower minimum price (at the cost of some range). 

Here's where to get an EV around Bedford

Audi Hawthorne 151 Saw Mill River Rd, Hawthorne, NY

Colonial Ford 519 N Bedford Rd, Bedford Hills

Mt Kisco Chevy 175 N Bedford Rd, Mt Kisco

Bedford Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 531 N Bedford Rd, Bedford Hills

Acura of Bedford Hills 700 Bedford Rd, Bedford Hills

Mt Kisco Honda 650 Bedford Rd, Bedford Hills