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Clean Ride & Drive 2022 Recap

Celebrating Clean Transportation at Bedford 2030’s Clean Ride & Drive!

In the second annual celebration of clean transportation, Bedford 2030 invited community members to step inside the newest electric vehicles, a fully electric school bus and an all-electric Bee-Line bus. Participants also could donate used bicycles for repair, learn from local EV owners, and exchange gas-powered lawn equipment for $100 coupons towards new electric equipment.

“The Clean Ride and Drive expo provides accessible information and actions we can all take to make the switch to clean, fossil-free transportation,” explained Bedford 2030 Program Director Mariah Okrongly. “ 48% of the greenhouse gas emissions polluting our community come from the transportation sector. We need to make changes, big and small, that will result in cleaner, healthier air.” 

The Expo featured an Owners Corner where attendees could check out clean-drive cars, ask questions about range, cost and rebates, and learn how they compare to gas-powered models in terms of ride and performance. An electric school bus from White Plains and an electric transit bus from Westchester County were also featured at the event as viable alternatives to gas-powered buses. Plan it Wild and Bedford Mowers shared information about electric lawn equipment and the health and environmental benefits from transitioning to electricity at home.

The Town of Bedford and Beford 20230 launched a gas-powered lawn equipment buyback program at the Clean Ride & Drive. Twenty $100 coupons were given out in exchange for old, polluting gas powered equipment. For more information and upcoming dates for the buyback program please visit our website.

Everyone can take action to reduce the environmental impact of gas-powered engines!

Make your next car and electric vehicle.  Federal and state incentives available!

Find your nearest EV Level 2 and fast charger

– Check out the Bedford2030’s biking map to help educate the community on speed limits, bike parking and road shoulder size

Thank you to all our vendors and partners:

  • Sierra Club with local advocacy information and being an event sponsor
  • Town of Bedford Bedford Police Department including their Nissan Leaf used for traffic enforcement
  • Bedford Mowers – including all electric large and small lawn equipment
  • Hickory & Tweed – a local bike shop with electric and regular bike. Special thanks for donating our raffle supplies!
  • Blink Charging – for their donation of a home charger!
  • Plan it Wild – a local landscaping company highlighting the advantages of electric lawn equipment
  • NY League of Conservation Voters – including information on electric school buses. They also sponsored a White Plains school bus to attend the show and for attendees to board
  • And all our local attendees that stopped by!
  • Our amazing local EV owners that opened up their cars for the commuity to share their personal EV’s:
  • Tesla Model Y
  • Tesla Model X
  • Toyota Rav4 Prime
  • Hyundai Kona
  • Hyundai Ioniq
  • VW ID4
  • Porsche Taycan
  • Chevy EUV
  • Chevy Volt
  • And a special guest, Betty Ford, a 1969 F-100 pickup retrofitted to be electric!