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Home-made compost is easy to make and nourishing for your property

Dark, crumbly, nutrient-rich material seems to magically appear just by mounding up organic waste and letting microorganisms do their work. Compost made from leaves, food scraps, grass clippings, and other organic material can be used to nurture your lawn, plants, trees, and shrubs year after year.

Want to compost, but don’t have a backyard pile? Or perhaps you have a backyard pile but want to compost meat, oil, bones, compostable serveware, or other items you don’t want in your home pile? Town of Bedford residents may dispose of organic food waste at the Recycling Center!

Curbside compost is a great way to get rid of your food scraps without leaving your home or starting a pile in your backyard.


How it works:

  1. Collect food scraps in your kitchen (meat and bones accepted)
  2. Store them in a locking container outside or in your garage (with or without compostable bags)
  3. Leave them at the end of your driveway for pick-up on the day each week your hauler designates


Compost is a dark, crumbly, porous, soil-like material called humus, the rich, organic component of soil. 


At home composting means you don’t have to haul your leaves and other organic matter off site, you don’t need to transport food waste in your car, you don’t have to buy chemical fertilizers or mulch, and you can use your compost on your plants, lawn, and garden.