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Volunteers at the TIOLI Shed

The TIOLI shed 2023 season has been EXTENDED for the first 2 weeks in November! 

TIOLI (Take It Or Leave It) shed is open Saturdays 10-12 from May-October in the Bedford Hills Train Station Parking Lot (behind the train station by Rt 117). When the shed is closed, visit the TIOLI Facebook Group!

Bedford residents may drop off unwanted household items that are still in good/working condition, or pick up and repurpose some. Anyone may come take items – free! The TIOLI Shed is a wonderful way to recycle and reuse items, and reduce consumption and waste. 

Please note the NEW donation and “shopping” instructions for 2023.

Donations: Please park your car and walk your donations over to the beige tent. If you are unable to drop off your own donations, a volunteer can assist you. If we have too many donations to store in the shed at the end of the day, we may stop taking donations early.

Visitors: Please sign in at the Bedford 2030 welcome table and shop for a maximum of 20 minutes. This allows everyone to have equal opportunity to benefit from the shed. You will exit the same way you enter.

We appreciate your patience.

Saturdays from 10am-12pm between May and October.  

CLOSED WHEN RAINING, please check the Facebook page for closing notifications.

In the Bedford Hills Train Station Parking Lot Number 8: 1 Railroad Avenue (Behind the station, off of route 117.)

Residents of the Town of Bedford may drop off items. Everyone may visit and take items – free.  Volunteers manage and run the shed weekly.

The TIOLI Shed is a wonderful way to recycle and reuse items, and reduce consumption and waste. This program will preserve natural resources, reduce waste, and save residents money.


The TIOLI shed is a fun place to work and we can always use extra hands. Interested in helping? Sign up for the season here or email us at info@bedford2030.org

Accepted at the TIOLI Shed

Clean items that are still in good/working condition, office ware, school supplies, toys, puzzles, crafts, small appliances, small electronics, home decoration, lamps, tools and small hardware, plants, seeds etc.

Not accepted at the TIOLI Shed

Items with missing parts, broken or dirty items, toys or appliances with dead batteries, sports equipment,  items with sponsor names (mugs, binders, water bottles, etc.), luggage, seasonal articles (only accepted when it’s in the season), car seats.

We cannot accept anything bigger than what would fit in a regular shopping cart.

Please post your bigger items, furniture, rugs, outdoor sets, sporting goods, cat seats etc. on the: TIOLI – Bedford Facebook Group

For the full list of acceptable TIOLI items and what to do with everything else you want to dispose of, please visit the Bedford 2030 Recycling Toolkit.

For a complete guide ofhow to recycle common household items, visit bedford2030.org/recyclopedia

Acceptable Items Card