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Westchester farmers markets map


Buy Local

Check out our map above and listings below to find local food in our area. Visit a farmers market or a farm stand, join a CSA, and get to know your local farmers!

Farmers Market List

Hours, address, contact info. Last update Summer 2020.​
visitors at Earth Day festival look at plants for sale

Local Farms/Farm Stands/CSA List

Hours, address, contact info. Last update Summer 2020.


Farms with Farm Stands or CSAs

Grey indicates you can visit and buy food at the farm. These farms either sell their produce at a farm stand/store, through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), or they offer U-Pick on the farm.

Farmers Markets

Green indicates farmers markets that bring local farmers and artisans to a central location once a week to sell their produce and products.

Farms that Sell & Distribute Off-Site

Blue indicates farms that distribute their food off-site to local establishments like restaurants or markets. Some can be visited, but you cannot directly buy produce at the farm.

Eat Sustainable

Local food is fresher and doesn't have to travel miles to reach your plate.