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Save money & energy. Consultations are available in English and Spanish.

Our free energy coach can help you answer your home and building energy questions, such as:

  • How can I make my apartment or home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer based on my budget?
  • Do I need an energy audit? How do I get one?
  • What do I do after I get my energy audit?
  • Are there things I can do myself to cut energy use and save money?
  • Are heat pumps right for me?
  • What is community solar?  Why should I sign on?
  • What resources are available to help me afford efficiency upgrades?
Find out how you can update your home and be better prepared to face the climate challenges we will face moving forward
Fill out our Pre-Meeting form below with a few pieces of info about your apartment/home/building so the coach can prep for your meeting. Once you complete the form you will get an EMAIL with a link to schedule your completely FREE 45-minute Zoom meeting with our Clean Energy Coach Bob.

For more questions about the energy coach process please read our personal energy coach guide read our personal energy coach guide here. Bob is a free, third-party expert and is no in way soliciting business through the coaching sessions.

Meet our local energy coach, Bob Fischman!

Bob has long been an advocate for sustainable building and facility management practices, emphasizing energy efficiency and the elimination of waste in homes, businesses and industry. Bob devotes much of his time helping his own community move toward a more sustainable future, serving on Westchester County’s Climate Change Task Force and the sustainability advisory committees for his local school district and township, where he has led campaigns to help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint while saving money.

He brings expertise in clean energy finance, having served as the managing director and compliance officer for New York State’s public benefit Energize NY PACE finance program, as well as in large scale real estate development and construction management projects, in the US, Europe and Latin America. 


Bob earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree from Union College in Schenectady, NY and a Masters of Science degree in Sustainability Management from Columbia University in New York City, where he has researched and written extensively on energy and water policy matters, sustainable transportation systems, and resiliency in the face of climate change. For more info on Bob and his work in our community click here

If you are a commercial or mixed-use building owner, or a tenant, looking for more assistance we encourage you to reach out to Bob after your initial call! Outside of his work with Bedford2030, Bob is the founding principal of Sustainable Promise, LLC, helping businesses, nonprofits and communities in their quest to proactively transition for a sustainable future. He is available to provide and manage comprehensive energy upgrade plans for your building and sustainability strategies for your business. Bob will take into account your audit upgrade recommendations, budget and timeline. If you are interested in fill in the survey above and leave a comment in the other section!