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In 2009, a group of concerned Bedford neighbors hosted the Bedford Environmental Summit and gathered over 1,000 community members to learn how each of us can take steps to protect our planet starting at home.

As a result, the Town of Bedford adopted Westchester County’s first Climate Action plan and set, what at the time was, an aggressive goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)  20% by 2020. Bedford 2020 was formed to lead the Bedford community in a movement to achieve its climate action goals and preserve natural resources.

For over ten years, Bedford 2020 – now Bedford 2030 – has empowered community members to change behavior: adopt clean energy solutions, electrify home heating and transportation, reduce waste, embrace climate-friendly water and land practices, and more.

Here are some of our recent accomplishments.

Our history leading up to 2020


The first ever Bedford Environmental Summit, organized by the Bedford Energy Action Committee and the Bedford Garden Club, occurs with over 1,000 attendees.



Bedford 2020 is formed! Bedford adopts the first Climate Action Plan in Westchester County, with the goal of reducing GHG emissions 20% by 2020.

Bedford 2030 envisions a carbon neutral world and aspires to a sustainable community that conserves natural resources for future generations.


The Bedford 2020 Environmental Action Day takes place. 750 attendees gather for the launch of the Energize Bedford home energy efficiency program. Bedford 2020 and partners win a $2.6 million in EPA and NYS grants to pilot and expand Energize Bedford to other communities in Westchester and the region. 



Northern Westchester Local Food Project launches. Over three years, program results in a 10-fold increase local food purchases across participating Hudson Valley Institutions.



Bedford 2020 works with the town to adopt a single stream recycling policy. Recycling increases from 16% of total waste to 42% over 5 years!

The Bedford 2020 Car Show, New York State’s first-ever Fuel-Efficient Car Show, is held and  over 1,100 attendees come to learn how to reduce transportation pollution.



The Great Healthy Yard Pledge takes place: Over 4,000 Bedford acres pledge to go pesticide free. 

The Bedford 2020 Solar Summit also takes place this year, with over 550 attendees. Solarize Bedford-Mt. Kisco is the first Solarize campaign in Westchester County, resulting in a 43% increase in residential installations.

The Greenlight Awards launch this year, empowering high school students as climate activists and innovators. Hundreds of Westchester students have participated since its launch!



Bedford 2020 partners with Sustainable Westchester to launch New York State’s first Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program. Bedford and 13 other communities adopt a 100% renewable energy supply.

Our mission is to address the urgent issue of climate change and fight for clean, healthy air, water and land resources through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in our local community and beyond.


Over 900 people gather for Bedford 2020’s Food Forum to learn and take action around local food and climate. 

Community Compost also launches this year – over 20 tons of household organic materials have been diverted from the waste stream since this program launched.



The Take It Or Leave It Shed opens, a program to promote the reuse and repurpose of household items. 90–95% of items dropped off are repurposed.

The Meatless Mondays Campaign launches to help community members correlate their food choices with the community’s carbon footprint. 320 households and 40 businesses participate, and in 2021 Johns Hopkins University publishes an article on the campaign’s success as a model for community action.

Bedford 2020 holds a Climate Action Summit with over 750 attendees, and an Earth Day Festival launches as the first annual event to provide climate-friendly, healthy yards and solutions.



Bedford 2020 leads the HeatSmart Bedford, Lewisboro, Pound Ridge Campaign to promote energy efficiency and encourage conversions from fossil fuels to electricity in home heating and cooling. Bedford 2020 partners with Sustainable Westchester to promote Community Solar, enabling solar projects in our local grid. The campaign garners 200 subscriptions accounting for 1MW of solar.

After an incredible decade of climate action, a 2019 report indicated that the Bedford community achieved a 44% reduction in GHG emissions through 2017 — more than doubling its 20% by 2020 goal three years ahead of schedule.


With the urgency of the continuing climate crisis and the time-sensitive need to limit global warming, we rebrand our movement, Bedford 2030: Climate Action Now with a commitment to redouble our efforts. Bedford 2030 writes a new 10-year Climate Action Plan, setting an aggressive new community wide goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2030.