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Whether you install your own panels or subscribe to Community Solar, you can use the energy constantly produced by the sun to power your home.

Consider solar and batteries to rely on solar power when the power goes out. Find out which solar option is right for you using our survey.

A family standing next to solar panels.
Install Solar Power
A person installing a solar panel.

Solar panels can be mounted on a roof or on the ground to produce electricity. Panels are connected to the electric grid, so the supply coming into your home is not disrupted when the sun is not shining. Solar energy cannot be stored for later use unless you install a battery. There is even a newer technology that can reroof your entire house in solar shingles!


Contact a solar contractor to assess if your property is right for solar panels. Contractors will help you lease or buy a system and can help you understand when you should expect to pay off your system from the savings you receive.

Community Solar

Midge shares how easy it is to sign up for community solar and save money on your electric bills.

Green YOUR Electricity

Learn how the Sabath’s are loving their own personal solar energy plant on their roof, and how they did it.

Battery + Solar

Neighbors use a battery as a generator when the power goes out.