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Youth advocates are taking charge when it comes to climate action

Bedford2030 is encouraged by students locally and nationally taking an active role in reducing GHG emission. Bedford2030 hosts an environmental competition for highschool students. Additionally, Bedford2030 actively supports local highschool senior internship experiences as well as summer internships for high school graduates. If you are interested in interning with Bedford2030 please reach out to info@bedford2030.org 


Youth protests
Young people presenting at the Greenlight Awards

Over the past 5 years, over 100 students from 10 different high schools have taken action in their communities with support from the Greenlight Award Program.

Here’s how it works:

  • Pitch a Big Green Idea: Greenlight Award contestants create a proposal and pitch a big green advocacy or innovation idea to address climate change.
  • Greenlight Go! The best ideas receive funding and support to help our community reach its climate action goals. 
  • Showcase Impact: In the spring students showcase their results and compete to win the Greenlight Award and $500 cash.

Get the toolkit here and start thinking about an idea. Then we will contact you to attend an incubator session. After that you will need to register to compete with your idea by 10/30.

Internships & Senior Experience
Students standing around a mural

Bedford2030 enthusiastically supports three different internship programs throughout the year:

  • Local high school senior experience internships. Reach out to your local advisors and we are happy to have several high school interns in the spring.
  • Each summer Bedford2030 hires 1-3 interns to support a variety of research and community awareness initiatives
  • Bedford2030 from time to time is seeking additional research, analysis and project management support during the school year. If you are a college student or post graduate student looking for an internship please reach out to bedford2030.org
Sunrise Movement & Climate Reality Project
Sunrise Movement youth protest


There are lots of youth environmental groups you can join to take part in the movement. Find a local Sunrise Movement hub or Climate Reality Project chapter – two great places to start!