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Bedford 2030 envisions a carbon neutral world and aspires to support a sustainable community that conserves natural resources for future generations.

Our mission is to address the urgent issue of climate change and fight for clean, healthy air, water and land resources through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in our local community and beyond. Bedford 2030 provides community members with tools and resources to take individual and collective action.

Our goal is to lead a community wide effort that results in an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2040.


Community engagement, education and the creation of grassroots support for climate change projects have been our focus since 2010.

With Bedford 2020 leading the way, our community reduced greenhouse gas emissions 44% and exceeded its 20% by 2020 goal three years ahead of schedule. We have now set an aggressive new community-wide goal to reduce ghg emissions 80% by 2030 – and changed our name to Bedford 2030: Climate Action Now!

We will reach our goals by continuing to empower and mobilize individuals, communities, elected officials, and civic organizations to take action locally and beyond. We will increase renewable energy usage, phase out fossil fuels, reduce waste and adopt clean and healthy water, land and sustainable food practices. We will continue to extend our impact by piloting projects locally and collaborating with partners in the county, region and state to extend effective solutions far and wide.

Everyone can make a difference for future generations if we all do what we can now. Join our effort by starting in a way that works for you. Measure your carbon footprint with the Carbon Tracker; take some climate actions indoors, outdoors, or in your lifestyle; get involved by voting, investing, or influencing policy; help us carry out our mission by making a donation, volunteering, or by joining one of our community groups. Together we can take Climate Action Now!


2016 Green Award Winner, Morris Media, Town Vibe for being a model of sustainability

2016 Honorees at Katonah Museum of Art Forces of Nature Gala Event

2015 Federated Conservationists Award for an organization whose work exemplifies environmental ethic and the promotion of a greener future.