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While we understand that climate change impacts everyone, it more adversely affects communities of color and those with socioeconomic risk factors. Bedford 2030 will seek to bring more diverse voices to our movement and to go deeper – both in our own backyard and in our region – to ensure that we are reaching and involving a diverse segment of community members and offering solutions that are accessible to all.
Bedford 2030 is committed to positive change and to working towards clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment for everyone.

We helped the Town acquire NYSERDA Clean Energy Communities (CEC) Grant Funding to provide covered bike parking at the train stations. These bike racks increase accessibility and incentive to drive less by providing safe & protected parking for bicycles. 
We provide free resources to the community through our Take It Or Leave It Shed, giving new life to previously unwanted household items.
A family standing next to solar panels.
We helped over 200 community members save on electric bills and support clean energy in New York State by enrolling in the community solar program.
We designed a Bike Bedford map for Google, indicating speed limits and shoulder sides on throughways and important roads.
We are campaigning for adding electric school buses to the local fleet to protect the health and safety of our children.
People installing a heat pump,
We are aiming to improve the health, safety and energy efficiency of Town rental units through the Rental Building Performance Initiative. Our priority is upgrades in rental units located in the NYSERDA designated Environmental Justice Community Area within the Town of Bedford.
We acquired funding to deliver free consultations with our Energy Coach in English and Spanish to improve home energy efficiency and health.
Bedford family standing next to their electric vehicle.
We created a free Clean Ride and Drive event showcasing electric vehicles, lawn equipment, and biking options for residents.
One of Bedford 2030's air quality monitors
We installed air quality monitors at two train stations in Bedford, tracking air quality changes over time.
We host the annual Greenlight Awards, empowering hundreds of students to take climate action in their communities.

Environmental justice, the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental programs, regulations, and policies, is a CAP2030 imperative.

-Town of Bedford 2030 Action Plan