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Nature has provided us with resources to combat change. Let's protect them!

Carbon capture is possible through natural resources already at our disposal. According to the non profit American Forests, “healthy forests are our most efficient, inexpensive, and natural systems to combat climate change.” We must consider the ways we can harness our natural resources to help us mitigate the effects of climate change.

Land management testing
Land Preservation and Restoration
Family standing in front of their house

Better management of our natural resources can play a significant role in combatting climate change. These efforts can range from protecting our tree canopy and wetlands, to the choices we make in our yards that impact the environment far beyond the borders of our properties. In addition to drawing down greenhouse gases, other ecobenefits of preserving tree canopy and wetlands include cleaner air and water, increased biodiversity, cooler temperatures and improved water management.

Citizen Scientists
Person using a tool in her garden.

Citizen science is a great way for everyday people to join scientists in studying climate change. Protecting local habitats, capturing changes in your environment via your smartphone, and playing games that teach you more about your local ecosystems all helps scientists discover important knowledge that may not have been found otherwise.