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People at a Bedford Carbon Tracker event



Going through the Carbon Tracker process will help you understand the most important things you can do over the next 10 years, and helps Bedford 2030 track our community progress, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our community.

Before you begin you will need:

  • Google credentials (e.g., gmail account login) or you may create a Login ID using a non-Google email address by following these instructions.
  • Make, model and annual miles driven for each vehicle in the household.
  • Number of kWhrs or units of electricity consumed annually. You can get this from your online NYSEG or Con Edison account or any single hard copy bill.
  • Amount of oil, gas or propane consumed annually for heating, hot water and cooking. You can call your oil/gas company to get your annual usage.

Contact us to make an appointment to fill out your carbon tracker with one of our ambassadors. Or brew yourself a cup of tea or coffee, settle down for about 45 minutes, and launch the app!

For More Information:

Caveats, practical tips and FAQs about the Carbon Tracker.

The Carbon Tracker is available courtesy of CURE100.

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