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Community Compost

Bedford community member dropping off compost at the Recycling Center.

Want to compost, but don’t have a backyard pile? Or perhaps you have a backyard pile but want to compost meat, oil, bones, compostable serveware, or other items you don’t want in your home pile? Town of Bedford residents may dispose of organic food waste at the Recycling Center. 

Bedford Recycling Center

343 Railroad Ave, Bedford Hills, NY. 
Open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays between 8AM and 3PM


How Community Compost Works

  1. Sign up**. Come to the Bedford 2030 office and purchase a compost kit for $30, which includes a roll of compostable bags and two bins: 
    1. 1 small bin (1.6 gallons) for inside your kitchen (fits under your kitchen sink) to collect food scraps.
    2. 1 large caddy (6 gallons) with a lockable lid to leave in your garage or outside.
  2. Collect your compost. Use the small bin for everyday scraps, and fill up the larger bin with what you collect in the small bin during the week. 
  3. Drop it off. Bring your larger bin to the Recycling Center and dump it in the designated compost bins at least once a week. Don’t see them? Ask one of the Recycling Center staff members. Scraps collected at the recycling center are picked up and taken to an industrial composting facility. 
**Note: if you already have bins or another means of collection, no need to sign up! Just bring your compost down to the Recycling Center on the designated days. Also, compostable bags are not required.

Contact Bedford 2030 at 914-620-2411 or email us to find out more information and sign up for Community Compost.

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