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Curbside Compost

The Town of Bedford received a three-year grant from NY State to establish a curbside compost collection pilot program in Bedford*. Up to 75 Bedford residents per year will have the opportunity to enter into a reduced-rate contract for weekly food scrap pickup. Residents in the pilot program will receive 50% off the contract price for their first year. 

As a participant, you will sign up with and enter into a Pilot Contract with Curbside Compost, the hauling company, to pick up your household food scraps every Friday and transport them to a licensed compost facility. Curbside Compost will charge you $28.50/month. Each quarter, the Town will use NYS DEC grant funds to reimburse you for 50% of this amount. 

Participation is as simple as purchasing a locking curbside bin from Bedford 2030 for $15, filling it up over the course of the week, and leaving it out for curbside pickup on Friday mornings. When the year is over, you will have the option to continue the service at full price.

What to do ASAP:

  1. Print, sign and return the attached contract to the Town Finance Office (425 Cherry St, Bedford Hills, NY 10507) by mail AND
  2. Fill out this form online and make your first payment to the Curbside Compost AND
  3. Email info@bedford2030.org to purchase a locking curbside compost bin. You may also purchase compostable bags for your bin if you wish.

Please note: Participants are only fully enrolled in the pilot program once they have completed both the physical form for the Town Finance Office and the online form with Curbside Compost. If you have questions about the subsidy, please call the Finance Office at 914-666-8283. Questions/comments about composting pickup or billing can be directed to: info@curbcompost.org or call Curbside Composting at 914-646-6890.

Please remember to print, fill out and mail in the contract to Bedford Finance Office, 425 Cherry St, Bedford Hills, NY 10507, and click here to fill out a Community Compost form to sign up and make your first payment.

Thank you for your interest the Curbside Food Waste Pickup Pilot and for your commitment to environmental sustainability.  We look forward to reducing waste and learning more about food scrap recycling with you. Please feel free to email us with questions and keep in touch about your experience as a pilot participant.


Where do my food scraps go?

The food scraps hauled away by the curbside hauler will go to an industrial composting facility (New Milford Farms, CT) and the resulting compost will be used by farms to enhance their soil to grow food.

Can I get compost to use on my garden?

The Town of Bedford composts leaves and other yard waste at the Westwood Recycling Facility at 115 Beaver Dam Road. Residents may obtain compost and wood chips free of charge at this location. 

* The Curbside Compost pilot project has been funded in part by the Climate Smart Communities Grant Program, Title 15 of the Environmental Protection Fund through the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and in connection with the Town of Bedford, NY.