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Town of Bedford Ranks #1 in New York State of NYSERDA Clean Energy Communities!

The Town of Bedford is currently ranked #1 in New York State for the NYSERDA Clean Energy Communities program!

We currently have 7,300 points across eleven different high impact actions such as LED Street Lights, Clean Energy Upgrades, Community Campaigns, Climate Smart Communities Certification, Energy Code Enforcement Training, and more.

“I am thrilled to see Bedford at the top of the state leaderboard in the Clean Energy Communities Program,” said Bedford Supervisor Ellen Calves. “It is thanks to our partnership with Bedford 2030, our supportive residents, and our cooperative department heads that we are able to do so much to reduce
pollution, reduce waste, and reduce costs by taking climate action.”

Launched in August 2016, the Clean Energy Communities (CEC) program provides resources to encourage local governments to complete high-impact local climate actions, as well as a dose of healthy competition between municipalities. The CEC program provides the tools to complete High Impact Action items, assisting with the transition to clean energy to save energy costs, create jobs, and improve the environment.

For example, Bedford was awarded 700 “Clean Heating and Cooling Demo” points for the electrification of the Bedford Community House. Last year’s significant renovations to the Community House improved building insulation and removed fossil fuels from heating and cooling. Electrifying the Community House resulted in a filtered and cooled indoor environment for users of the building and a notable decrease in overall municipal Greenhouse Gas Emissions and exterior pollution.

As a CEC leader, the Town of Bedford has earned $130,000 in grant funding from NYSERDA. These funds are being used to facilitate clean transportation alternatives, including a solar powered bus shelter in Bedford Hills and a covered bike rack at the train stations in Katonah. Funds are also being used for a gas lawn equipment buyback program to incentivise clean a switch for clean electric alternatives, and for the Building Health and Performance Initiative, a program to help make local rental buildings healthier, safer and less polluting.

Mark Thielking, Director of Energy and Sustainability for the Town and a founding Board member of Bedford 2030, commented, “Getting to Number 1 was a team effort representing the passions and commitment of Town staff, Bedford 2030, our Town leaders and volunteers. This team contributes every day to our sustainability goals by performing the work that is leading to a healthier, safer and more resilient community. Congratulations to this team and to Bedford for this significant recognition!”

Bedford 2030 and the Town of Bedford will continue to pursue high-impact projects as part of our journey to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 80% by 2030, and to reach net zero by 2040. With the support of our leadership and community members, we will remain #1 for the health of our families and our environment.