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The Story of Plastic Virtual Film Screening and Discussion 

Did you know that as much as 91% of plastics are not recycled? If present trends continue, there will be 12 billion metric tons of plastic in landfills by 2050… 35,000 times as heavy as the Empire State Building! There are many ways we can slow this trend, at an individual, community, and national level, for our own short-term health as well as long-term global health.

The Story of Plastic: Owning the Solutions on March 8, 7-8PM via Zoom allowed us to speak with three powerful women about the plastic crisis and discuss the role that each of us play in tackling pervasive use of plastic.

Take Action

Here is a simple waste audit to assess how much you dispose of each week.

Step 1: Set Up

  • Print (or better yet, write on scrap paper) the Weekly Waste Tracker Worksheet
  • Post this worksheet next to each waste receptacle with a pen/pencil
  • Encourage everyone in your house/office to get involved

Step 2: Track what you waste

  • Record items as you dispose of them. Which category do they fit into, and how are you disposing of them?
  • Tally how many of each item goes into the receptacle and notice which appear the most frequently.

Step 3: Review your waste at the end of the week

  • What was the most commonly disposed item? Which category surprised you?
  • How is your home set up to accommodate each category?

Step 4: Choose to reduce: a) Landfill waste b) Recyclable plastic c) Compostables d) Other Recyclables (feel free to minimize all waste, but every step counts!)

  • Which lifestyle change could you easily adopt to minimize this waste?

Step 5: Identify Goal

Step 6: Repeat!

  • See if you can change your habits by shifting to reusables or choosing materials other than plastic.
  • Celebrate your success at taking Climate Action NOW! Share your progress with your friends, family and Bedford 2030!

More Advocacy Options

  • Write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper about the need to reduce plastics. Here is a sample, provided by Beyond Plastics.

Join the Ongoing Discussion

Webinar Speakers:

Shelley Mayer, New York State Senator

Email smayer@nysenate.gov, or call (914) 934-5256. 

FB @ShelleyMayerSD37

IG @shelleybmayer

Twitter @ShelleyBMayer

Sheila Morovati, Founder HabitsofWaste.org

FB @HOWchangers

IG @howchangers

Twitter @howchangers

Rachana Shah, Zero Waste Consultant and Representative for Beyond Plastics

FB @beyondplasticsaction

IG @beyondplasticsbennington

Twitter @plasticsbeyond

Moderated By:

Sarah Douglis, Strategic advisor and Founder SolTide Consulting, Bedford 2030 Board Vice President