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Advocate for Change with TCI

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What is TCI?

TCI stands for “Transportation and Climate Initiative.” In 2010, 11 states and D.C. signed a Declaration of Intent to work together to reduce carbon emissions from transportation. The transportation sector is a major source of environment- and health-harming pollutants, making this a highly impactful focus.

How would they do it?

States participating in the TCI will do a few things:
  • First, they will place a “cap” or limit on how much carbon can be emitted from the transportation sector and reduce this cap over time.
  • Second, states will require oil companies that supply transporting fuels to pay for the pollution their products cause.
  • And finally, the money made from that requirement will get reinvested for cleaner, greener transportation – with special consideration for disadvantaged communities.

What benefits would there be for New Yorkers?

The biggest win is a reduction in carbon emissions, which is a major step in fighting climate change and reducing pollution. These reductions will also result in significant health benefits, as described in the preliminary findings of an extensive research study through public health experts from Harvard, Columbia, and other leading universities.
Additionally, revenue generated from this program could be invested in projects such as:
  • Better infrastructure to support walking and biking
  • Cheaper and more reliable public transportation
  • Affordable and equitable housing near job and transit centers
  • Clean electric buses and trucks,
  • Improved access to the internet to increase telecommuting capacities

Sounds great! But what do you need me for?

States are currently in the process of finalizing the details of the TCI program, and each state needs to officially sign on. Governor Cuomo has not yet committed to being a part of this initiative, though he is expected to decide by the end of the year. We hope that an influx of New Yorkers showing support for the program will encourage him to commit.

I’m on board! What should I do?

Most importantly, take 1 minute to sign this letter, telling Governor Cuomo that you support an equitable and sustainable TCI program. This advocacy support is an important and simple way to take climate action.
If you want to further your support, you can share the campaign on social media. NY for TCI has graphics and images that you can use, or make your own signs to show your support for cleaner, greener transportation infrastructure.
young girl with poster advocating for TCI
Bedford residents Lucy and Henry Alvarez share their support for cleaner air and greener transportation in NY.
young boy with hand-drawn poster advocating for TCI