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Energy Coach Challenge


Bedford 2030 is excited to announce the 2022 Energy Coach Challenge! We are committed to signing-up 150 residents for a free session with our energy coach to learn how to save money on energy bills, make their home more comfortable and reduce polluting GHG emissions.

Launched in August 2021, the Bedford 2030 Personal Energy Coach is a free resource for community members, including residential and commercial building owners and tenants, to help plan their energy efficiency upgrades and transition off of fossil fuels. 

Throughout this challenge, we will host a series of events (in English and/or Spanish) where community members listen to a brief presentation from our Energy Coach, have the opportunity to ask questions about their homes/apartments and receive a free energy-saving giveaway!

Individuals are also invited to complete FREE 45 min personal energy coaching session via Zoom. Bob is a building engineer with decades of experience in building energy upgrades as well as extensive experience with home energy upgrades. The Energy Coach will answer all your questions about your home energy, review recommendations, and discuss incentives, subsidies and financing options. A session can help you save on energy costs, reduce energy use and reduce polluting greenhouse gas emissions.