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100% Renewable with Westchester Power

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy refers to energy produced by sources that do not get used up or are easy to regenerate, do not pollute, and are usually free.

Check out this comparison chart to see how a renewable source can be better than nonrenewable sources of energy:

The sun’s capacity to produce energy does not diminish no matter how much solar energy you use
Oil, gas, and coal are used up when they are burned to make energy and they require drilling, fracking, mining, etc. to get more
The sun is always there
There is a limited supply in the earth
Everyone can access and use it
Must own land or rights to drill, frack or mine and this causes great geopolitical and economic tensions across the globe
Clean, no emissions
Dirty, burning fossil fuels create pollution that leads to health issues like asthma and respiratory disease, climate change, smog, acid rain, etc.

The Electric Grid

So clearly, renewable energy has its benefits. Whether it is generated by wind turbines, solar panels, or a hydroelectric dam renewable energy can be stored in a battery or put into transmission lines and delivered as electricity through a system known as the electric grid that is maintained by your utility company. 

Your Utility Company

Based on where you live, only one utility company is approved to deliver electricity to your home. You don’t have a choice about which one. If you live in the Town of Bedford you either have NYSEG or ConEd. This is the company that maintains transmission lines and transfer stations, removes trees from downed wires, and manages the steady distribution of energy throughout the grid. Your utility company bills you for these services as well as the electricity you use. 

Traditionally, your utility chooses your electric supplier. However, in New York, you actually have a choice as to which company generates the electricity you pay for, and whether that energy is from renewable sources.

Energy Service/Supply Companies (ESCOs)

New Yorkers have a choice about what kind of energy they pay to have generated for their use. This often requires signing a contract with an approved Energy Services Company (ESCO). Your utility company still bills you for the energy you use. Some ESCOs offer 100% renewable energy supply or purchase credits to offset any nonrenewable supply with renewable supply created elsewhere.

Note: Even if you have solar panels on your roof or subscribe to community solar, you are still connected to the electric grid run by your utility and need a designated supplier for your electricity. 

Bedford's Default 100% Green Supply

In Bedford and many other Westchester communities the state has approved something called Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) which allows the Town to approve the selection of a default energy supplier for all residents in a utility company service area. This replaces the default energy generator selected by the utility. Therefore, the default setting for Town of Bedford residents on their utility bill is for 100% green energy approved by the Town of Bedford and negotiated by Westchester Power. Your utility company still bills you, but the generation of the energy is now from renewable sources. Of course, you still have a choice. Residents have the right to opt out and use the ESCO selected by the utility or choose a different ESCO.

CCA via Westchester Power has been a way for many towns to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint by moving most residents to 100% renewable energy supply! There are 24 towns who use Westchester Power to get 100% green electricity for their residents. Bedford is proud to be a part of this program and look forward to it being even more impactful as we move to even more local renewable sources in Westchester and beyond

Do yourself, your community & the environment a favor and don’t opt out of the Westchester Power CCA program. Learn more here.