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Trim Your Waste Over the Holidays

Though we can’t help you trim your “waist” this holiday season, we can help with your “waste”!

Global waste levels are expected to increase by 25-30% over the holiday season. And did you know that most store-bought gift wrap isn’t recyclable? Instead of “wish-cycling” that foiled or glittery paper, here are our top ten ways to give beautiful gifts with less waste.

1) Instead of more “stuff, why not gift an experience?

Or better yet, donate to a cause your loved ones believe in (ahem, Bedford 2030 is a great choice!). 

2) Consider upcycling a second-hand treasure. Though our TIOLI shed is closed for the season, our Facebook group is very active.

Score your presents for free and reduce the use of new materials!

3) Repurpose newspapers, magazines, or other paper you already have on hand to wrap your gifts.

Fancy it up with natural materials like pinecones or an ornament that they can keep forever!

4) Use scrap fabric to wrap your gift and tie a knot at the top.

You can use twine to secure the fabric in creative ways. 

5) Save beautiful boxes and gift bags for reuse.

Keep the crinkle-cut confetti packaging too, it can also be reused.

6) Make the wrapping part of the gift!

Try wrapping in a cute dish towel, nice reusable box, or an article of clothing.

7) If you purchase gift bags, choose plastic-free recyclable bags or brown paper and store them neatly for reuse.

8) If you purchase traditional gift wrap, choose recyclable and biodegradable.

Avoid plastic or glittery paper.

9) Avoid glittery bows. Glitter is just fancy plastic!

Try paper ribbon or twine ribbon instead, and cut to lengths that can be reused.

10) Sort garbage, recyclables, and reusables as you unwrap presents.

Plastic bags and other plastic films from your presents can be recycled at the grocery store. Look for a specific bin just for films.

Happy holidays from Bedford 2030!