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Kiss the Ground Resources

Kiss the Ground

On February 16th, 2021 Bedford 2030 and the Bedford Playhouse co-hosted an event to share the inspiring documentary Kiss the Ground and launch Bedford 2030’s new Carbon Capture Initiative. The event featured a panel of experts in regenerative agriculture, soil science, and community carbon capture.

We were pleased to welcome:

  • Kris Covey: Scientist & Professor of Environmental Studies and Sciences at Skidmore College. 
  • Tim Joseph: Founder of Maple Hill Creamery, the preeminent organic grass-fed dairy brand in the US.
  • Dan Matsch: Manager at Eco-Cycle, one of the oldest nonprofit recyclers and zero-waste organizations in the US, based in Boulder, CO. 
  • Moderator – Karen Simons: Bedford 2030 Board Member and Principal of Hudson Varick Resources, Ltd.

Haven’t seen the film yet? Stream anytime on Netflix or rent for 24 hours on Vimeo for $1

Full Webinar Recording

Healthy Soil Action Items

Some projects through Bedford 2030 will have to wait until the ground thaws, but there are a few things you can do today to take part in supporting healthy soil today:

  1. Buy Local and Soil-Friendly Food!
    • Make at least one purchase from a local farmer – use our local food map to learn more about who is growing healthy food right in our community
    • Start drinking grassfed milk and find where you can purchase Maple Hill Creamery products near you!
    • Give grassfed, pastured proteins a try! White Oak Pastures, Walden Local, Blue Nest Beef are amongst the companies leading the soil health revolution
    • Find other companies practicing regenerative agriculture that sell products in your grocery store (Climate Collaborative is a great place to start, or check the Cornucopia Institute Scorecards)
  2. Collect and compost your food scraps 
    • Learn more about what can be composted here
    • Drop your food scraps off at the Bedford Hills Recycling Station Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 8am-3pm
  3. Check out and support existing organizations in your community already doing work that benefits healthy soil

Carbon Capture & Regenerative Agriculture Resources

If you are interested in learning more about nature-based carbon capture, here are a few resources for further exploration:



  1. TEDTalk by Allan Savory: this pioneer of regenerative agriculture and founder of the Savory Institute tells us why cows can be our allies in the climate battle
  2. Watch Patagonia’s Unbroken Ground as the iconic company dives into the field of revolutionizing agriculture
  3. Biggest Little Farm – aired at the Playhouse in 2019, this award-winning film is available on Netflix and takes us on the journey of beginning a regenerative farm


  1. The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food by local chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill at Stone Barns, sharing his vision for creating an ecological food culture
  2. Cows Save the Planet by Judith D. Schwartz
  3. Can Dirt Save the Earth? Article from the New York Times
  4. A Different Kind of Land Management: Let the Cows Stomp Article from the New York Times


  1. The Sustainable Dish Podcast is a wonderful repository of interviews with soil carbon experts; try this interview with the National Audubon’s Marshall Johnson on his move


Please consider taking 2-3 minutes to fill out a short survey. Bedford 2030 will use the responses to plan and spread the word about future carbon capture events or projects.