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What are Heat Pumps?

When it comes time for a replacement or an upgrade to your old oil or gas HVAC system, consider heat pumps to take your home off fossil fuels, improve indoor air quality, and use less energy in any season. 

Heat pumps are quiet, efficient and clean. They replace both your oil or gas heating system and your AC.  They run on electricity, so if your energy supply is 100% renewable, your home will be carbon free. 

There are two main types of heat pump to consider: Ground Source and Air Source.

Ground Source

Ground source heat pumps (a.k.a geothermal systems) send a pipe deep underground where heat is transferred in or out of a liquid inside a coil. The liquid in the pipe returns to ground level to heat or cool air that is distributed via ducts throughout your home.

Geothermal System transfers heat to and from underground to heat or cool your home

Air Source

Air source heat pumps also transfer heat in the air in or out of your house to heat or cool indoor spaces. An air source heat pump can be a whole-house system (via ducts) or target a smaller space with a ductless mini-split.

Mini-splits are often used for problematic rooms that are hard to heat or cool. Often a whole house oil or gas heating or cooling system will be more efficient if you take care of the problematic room (or attic) with a mini-split.

If your electric supply is green and you heat and cool your home with a heat pump, your energy use becomes carbon neutral, your indoor air quality is improved, and your energy use is dramatically more efficient. Heat pumps are clean, quiet, efficient, and green!

A new geothermal or air source system is a big investment, but it is often a choice that does not come around but once every 20 years. Please consider going electric next time you have the chance to get efficient, fossil fuel free heating and cooling!