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Greenlight Award Contest Timeline

The Greenlight Award will start with virtual kickoff sessions and provide support for students working remotely.

This high school contest inspires local students to develop and carry forward a project that is a part of our community goals for Climate Action Now. It is a great learning and leadership experience.

What is the Greenlight Award Contest?

In this October – April program, students come up with an advocacy or innovation project that has the potential to ultimately reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our community. With community expert feedback, the teams develop a proposal for their project and pitch it to our judges- kind of like Shark Tank! Once their idea has been evaluated, students have an opportunity to get funding to carry the project forward, evaluate it’s potential impact, and present their results before a panel of judges at the finals in April. Winners receive cash prizes and the Greenlight Award.

So, get a team together, find an advisor, and sign up for more info!

Check out the timeline below to see what to expect throughout the year.

2023-2024 Greenlight Award Contest Timeline


Get Started

  • Watch a Kickoff Presentation
  • Sign up to receive the toolkit with details
  • Attend an Incubator Workshop with community experts (via Zoom) 
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Nov. - Dec.
Nov. - Dec.

Proposal Phase

  • Register to compete with your idea by 10/30
  • Proposal Form and Slides due 12/3
  • Round One Proposal Showcase Event 12/9 
Proposal Form
Dec. - Jan.
Dec. - Jan.

Greenlight Your Project

  • Receive feedback from the proposal showcase
  • Apply for funding
  • Decide if you will Greenlight your project (move on to round two)
To Be Completed in December
Jan. - March
Jan. - March

Move Project Forward & Assess

  • Be assigned to a project mentor
  • Develop and carry project forward with funding
  • Submit Mid-way report in February
  • Assess impact or potential impact
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Final Event

  • Present what you have accomplished and its potential impact at the Finals
  • Compete for cash prizes and the Greenlight Award
  • All teams are celebrated for their leadership and effort
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Interested students and teachers please sign up to receive a toolkit and contest communications, or contact greenlightaward@gmail.com with questions.

The competition is on!