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Students Compete to Catalyze Change

Forty students from six different high schools participated in Bedford 2020’s 5th annual Greenlight Award Finals.

We congratulate all the teams who should feel proud of all they accomplished!

Starting in fall 2019, each of these teams put together a project proposal, incorporated feedback from evaluators and modified their plans, moved ahead to implement goals, pivoted as needed to new goals or strategies. Even in the face of a global pandemic lockdown, many contestants moved their projects forward. In April 2020, these teams submitted impressive presentations and expertly fielded questions from the judges at the finals.

Fourteen judges joined to watch, question, and evaluate the fifteen projects and their impact on the environment.

Teams competed in one of two categories — Advocacy or Innovation — and winning teams were awarded cash prizes.

Click here to read more about the contestants and click on the project titles below to view the winning project presentations.

Innovation Category

Flue Energy Harvesting – 1st place

Food Wastage App – 2nd place

Solar Powered Battery Station – 3rd place

Advocacy Category

True Bamboo – 1st place

Roll to Reuse – 2nd place (tie)

John Jay High School Sustainability Week – 2nd place (tie)

Lil Planters – 3rd place (tie)

Recycle Right with Riley – 3rd place (tie)

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