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Bedford 2020 Environmental Summit



Our organization launched with a climate summit in 2009, and over the years we have continued to hold large scale conferences to bring in experts who inspire, educate, and motivate people to take climate action.

It is part of our mission to share what we do with other communities. Holding summits that attract leaders and community members from around the region accomplishes this. But we also want to share our summit toolkit so that other communities may benefit from this community engagement strategy.

The Toolkit

After the first summit in 2009, the leaders of the not-yet-formed Bedord 2020 and the Bedford Garden Club put together a guide for other communities to learn to host their own summit to mobilize their community and their local leaders to get involved in climate action.

For More Information:

Since this first toolkit was created, Bedford 2020 hosted several major environmental events that have brought together thousands of leaders, experts, and community members to engage in climate action including a 2011 Action Day, 2013 Electric Car Show, 2015 Energy Summit, 2017 Food Forum, and 2018 Climate Action Summit.

We have also learned a lot about community climate action, tracking and measuring results, and community engagement. If you are a sustainability leader who wants to talk with us, please feel free to contact us.