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Kevin Brenner
Board Member

A true building scientist, Kevin is the passionate, energetic, and knowledgeable president and founder of Healthy Home Energy & Consulting (HHEC) in Somers. While client satisfaction and environmental awareness drove his dedication to building energy-efficient, custom homes in the greater-New York area for over thirty years, his desire to help people improve the comfort and indoor air quality of existing housing led him to develop and nurture HHEC into the leading regional provider that it is today. Kevin is thrilled to be involved with Bedford 2030, and believes it is a perfect example of effective, community-based environmental advocacy. In an effort to demonstrate real-time energy savings, he built HHEC’s net-zero-energy headquarters as well as the state-of-the-art, net-zero-energy home in Bedford that he shares with his wife, dog and three grown children (when they come to visit for a free meal). Kevin also sits on the advisory board of Habitat X (habitatx.com).