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Andrew Wilder
Board Member

Driven by the desire to be a catalyst for the transition to a sustainable future, Andrew started and runs Cross River Infrastructure Partners, a platform of businesses that build next-generation circular economy infrastructure projects across North America and commercialize green energy, climate, and food technologies. Andrew is also a co-founder, board member, and chairman of the audit committee of Western Uranium and Vanadium Corporation, a public US-based strategic minerals company. Prior to starting Cross River in 2011, Andrew spent the prior decade as the COO and CFO of a global long/short equity hedge fund he co-founded when he moved to New York from Canada (after a brief 3-year stop-over in the Cayman Islands while working for Deloitte).  Andrew received his Chartered Accountant (Canada) designation, graduated with an MBA from the University of Toronto, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.