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Healthy Trees for a Healthy Planet Webinar

Start time February 16, 2022 - 7:00 pm
End Time February 16, 2022 - 8:00 pm
Event Details
Wednesday, February 16 from 7-8PM
Join Bedford 2030 and an expert panel in a webinar discussing the role of trees in regulating local climate.
Trees are greatly threatened by the changing climate and we can do so much to

help the future of our forests, neighborhoods, and towns. This talk will provide an overview of action items including urban forest management, planting for climate adaptability and biodiversity, preventing and managing invasive species, and citizen science.

Registration is closed. Visit this link to view our recording.

Dr. Andrew Reinmann, Assistant Professor of the CUNY Environmental Sciences Initiative, will discuss trees and forests in terms of the wide range of ecosystem services they provide across urban and suburban landscapes. He will share his local studies detailing how urbanization and environmental change alter rates of tree growth and carbon sequestration and the profound role trees play in regulating local climate. His presentation will conclude with some thoughts about the utility of tree inventories, tree ordinances, and tree planting programs for boosting canopy cover in our communities.


Jessica A. Schuler, ISA Certified Arborist and Program Coordinator of Natural Resources for the Westchester County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Conservation will also address trees and the changing climate. Her talk will focus on actions we can take to help the future of our forests, neighborhood and towns. An overview of action items include: planting for climate adaptability and biodiversity, preventing and managing invasive species, urban forest management and citizen science.


Budd Veverka, Director of Land Management, Mianus River Gorge, Inc.
Budd has been the Director of Land Management for Mianus River Gorge, Inc since 2016. Previously, Budd spent over 10 years working as a wildlife biologist in several states across the South and Midwest. Today, Budd focuses his work on invasive species management and northeastern forest restoration. He is the organizational representative to the Lower Hudson Partnership for Invasive Species Management.