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People are stepping up and making their voices heard about climate change and the environment. Your local officials, congressperson, and state representatives are elected to represent your interests and concerns.

First, VOTE! Learn about the issues, and communicate with your elected leaders to push a green agenda!




Use your power to advocate for green policies that prioritize a sustainable economy, environmental health, and the wellbeing of all people. 

What can you do?

  • Email or send a letter to your elected official: Decide who to write to, research their contact information, and write an original letter that shows your support for a green agenda
  • Meet in person: Research your elected officials’ office hours, town halls, and upcoming meetings on green issues. Attend by yourself or with a group and advocate for your position! 
  • Keep up-to-date with new policies: Follow sustainability- and climate-related policies and provide input as they are being discussed and developed. Though you don’t need to be an environmental expert to advocate, it helps to read up on the agendas, policies, and practices of your local and state governments. 

These strategies are very effective for local-level policies. When citizens advocate for green agendas and fight against unsustainable policies, officials listen!


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Learn about issues:

Learn about your elected officials, boards, commissions, and committees, and see upcoming meeting dates:

Look up your NY state representatives here

Contact US House Representative and Senators


I was part of a group of concerned citizens that worked with the town board, local grocery stores, and the public to push for a fee on paper and plastic bags. In April 2019, the town law went into effect that has helped increase reusable bag use by 80% at our three Bedford grocery stores.

Diane Pincus, Bedford Village